History (Biography)

Being near to south ports of Iran in Khuzestan province, in a developing industrial area specially in some industrials such as steel, petro chemical and cement and having relative preference of energy, cause Khuzestan refractory Co. (KRCO) to invest capital in modern technology of manufacturing refractory products.
Khuzestan refractory Co. has been established in Aug. 21, 1995 in Ahvaz city and has been registered with reg. No. 6120; and now is considered as a member of manufactures of refractory products in the country.
Major product of KRCO is produced in 2 parts, castables, precast pieces and also insulating & dense bricks with a capacity of 10000 Ton per a year which is used in some industries such as cement, petro chemical and steel.
Close and continuous relationship with customers, research centers and major producers of refractory products, help us to produce the products with higher quality and decrease the rate of consumption. These specifications enable us to produce special products for special customers with every speciation such as physical, chemical, shape, size and mass specifications, and so KRCO is the first manufacturer of special pieces such as purging plug and massive parts such as (Delta section) of E.A.F in the country.


Tehran Office

No. 16, Golha Street, Darya blvd, Shahrak e Qods(Gharb), Tehran

Postal Code: 1466973881